Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Potty Training Part 2

Case went to his potty and peed three times yesterday without prompting! Yay for our big boy.

So far this has been a much less stressful experience than I anticipated. Quite honestly I did NOT want to potty train. The good thing about Case is that he is very observant. He watches and absorbs so much. And he is at a stage where he wants to help and he is thriving on verbal praise and clapping. He does things, claps for himself and then looks to see if you're clapping too. I guess this is really helping with our casual potty training attempt.

Today he used his potty once without prompting, twice with a prompt and had an accident while eating his lunch. At nap time I put a pull-up on him. He was restless and would not lay down. Finally he pointed to his pull-up and said "that." I asked if he needed to go potty. Of course he didnt respond but I took him down the hall to his bathroom where there is an Elmo potty seat on the big toilet. His little potty chair was downstairs. He peed on the big potty. Then he was asleep within about 5 minutes.


The Palmer's said...

That is awesome!!!

Simone said...

yay, case! what a big boy! :D