Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ENT Update

First of all, Case has been tugging on those ears again for the past 2-3 weeks. He hasn't run a fever and we generally don't take him to his pediatrician for these symptoms because she ALWAYS diagnoses him with an ear infection and sends us home with antibiotics. We have taken him to the ENT in the past to get him checked when he does this and our ENT ALWAYS says his ears are fine. Once again, I took him in to double check and the ENT assured me that his ears are clear and he's cutting his 2 year molars causing the ear pain. He said this could go on for awhile. That's fine. We suspected as much. Reassuring to know though. He also said, if it were an ear infection he would not treat it with antibiotics unless he began running a high fever anyway. We appreciate his anti-antibiotic approach after our 3 month battle with antibiotic induced diarrhea.

I also wanted to have Case checked for a sinus infection because of the amount of drainage he has in his throat and his obsessive clawing at his itchy eyes and nose. He also has strong sinus breath. This is not a new problem either. More like a chronic problem. We have talked to his pediatrician about it at nearly every well and sick baby appointment and we have been told the same thing...He doesn't have allergies. Just use saline drops, nose sucker, Vicks, humidifier, prop him upright when he sleeps, warm showers, Johnson and Johnson Vapor bath, Afrin. We have tried it all-REPEATEDLY. The nurse once told us we could try Children's Claritin or Zyrtec. The pediatrician told us he didn't need that because he doesn't have allergies. Well, she was wrong. Our ENT said today that he DEFINITELY has allergies and he can tell by just looking at him. His eyes are dark and puffy. He's congested and guess what. Allergies are hereditary. If you knew his mother as a child you would know that allergies were definitely a major problem. The doctor said chronic allergy infections can lead to sinus infections but antibiotics for the sinus infection is only a temporary solution. We need to start by treating the allergies. This is what we suspected. Case will be starting an allergy nasal spray which we hope we make a significant difference in this problem.

We are grateful for the outcome of this visit. We were reassured that his ears are fine and the doctor actually listened to our concern about this chronic allergy problem, agreed with us and is going to attempt to treat it. Case is home, happy and hoping for a good night's sleep.

Check back Monday for more news.

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