Friday, May 15, 2009

Where we are today

Exhausted. Tired of multiple trips to the doctor in a week. Even multiple trips in a day in some cases. I had an appointment this morning and have a sinus infection. I'm taking Case back this afternoon at 1:45. He has actually been fussier if that is possible the last 2 days. Holding his ear in his sleep and sounds like some congestion may be building back up. I know it seems crazy that I keep taking him in and not letting him run a full course of antibiotics, but I did try an 8 day stretch and he was worse when I took him in. I know that something is still wrong and after 3 weeks of this he needs a break. We need to get this fixed. If he needs tubes in his ears lets just get it done. How many more things are we going to try? The child is miserable. His parents are miserable.

We are also excited to just find out that Josie is coming! She sounds so excited and so are we. I hope she has a nice relaxing weekend enjoying watching Case. I hope he will perk up and be in a great mood for her.

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