Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stem Cell Research...

is a loaded topic, but to our family it is very important. A baby's cord blood can be used to collect stem cells that have the potential to treat many diseases not only in the baby itself but also siblings, parents, grandparents and cousins. Some of these diseases include cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson's- all things that have affected our family already. Based on my history of an inherited neuromuscular disease, we chose to save Case's cord blood with the hope that some day with more research his stem cells could possibly help him if he develops the same thing. His stem cells could even help me or his Grammy or even a future sibling. We realize that a lot more research is needed before we could possibly use his stem cells for any treatment, but we are prepared and hopeful. Please take the time to look at the many possibilities that can come from cord blood stem cell research.

Diseases Treated with Cord Blood

FAQS about Cord Blood Stem Cells

Read about Cord Blood Research

And watch The Doctors on Monday, October 27th for more information.

Dear CBR Families,
Advances in the use of cord blood stem cells are increasingly the focus of national health care news.This coming Monday, October 27th, The Doctors, the thought-provoking new health talk show created by the producers of Dr. Phil, will feature two CBR families whose lives have been significantly changed by the decision to bank their baby's cord blood stem cells.The show's celebrity host, Dr. Travis Stork, as well as resident Ob/Gyn expert Dr. Lisa Masterson, interview the parents of Dallas Hextell and Hannah Barber - both diagnosed with a form of brain injury. The Doctors lead the discussion about how a child's own cord blood stem cells are being used in regenerative therapies designed to help heal injuries to the brain.The Hextells and Barbers also share their perspectives on the importance of educating all new parents about cord blood banking, especially because of the exciting developments in regenerative medicine.You won't want to miss this inspirational program. Check here for your local listings.In addition, help us spread the word by sharing this program notice with your friends and family!

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