Thursday, October 9, 2008

Answered Prayers

1. Keith made it to and from PA safely and was able to visit with Grandma and his mom. Grandma was able to see some videos and pictures of Case.
2. Case and I made it safely too and from East Texas for my appointment and Harley's surprise party. While at my appointment, the doctor checked Case and told us as long as I bring him to my appointments he'll continue to watch him for any signs of neuromuscular disease. As it turns out my neurologist used to do pediatric neurology. This is a great relief to me because now I know someone will be watching Case should anything arise.
3. I had some tests done that we were very concerned about and the results came back completely normal.

Continue to remember our families in prayer. We have many who are suffering or going through hard times. Also, remember our friends, Comb and Simone. Simone is really enduring a lot of pain right now.


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simone said...

thank so much for the prayers and prayer request. we love you guys!