Wednesday, April 2, 2008


It has come to my attention that some think I am responsible for this post. Please know that Keith wrote this one. I would never describe my poor baby as being "confined in a sac of mucus" nor would I make him share his website with Dolly and Priscilla. :)

This week was the first week we have been able to see the baby kicking from the outside. And boy did he kick. He is getting ready for a soccer career I think, or just strengthening his legs for all the hockey he's going to play. One or the other. Probably hockey though. I also think it could have been listening to Dolly Parton sing on American Idol though. The sound was surely even more obnoxious when you are confined in a sac of mucus than just hearing it come out of her stretched face. The only person more painful to look at is Priscilla on dancing with the stars. Either way, Case is pretty sure he didn't like what he heard. He seems to be pretty sensitive to music when it's on. It also doesn't help when we poke at him too. I'm sure it makes him want to kick even more.

Ouch, it hurts my face looking at those pictures. But I guess they look good for 62.

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