Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Case, you are FOUR!

Dear Case,

Life got a little hectic and we abandoned your blog for a little while. Make that a LONG while, but guess what. You just turned 4! You have grown up so much since your little brother was born. In the last 21 months you have become more independent and you have a LOT to say. You say the funniest things and we are just in awe of your take on life. You "crack [us] off."

You went to Preschool this past year two days a week. Your teachers were Mrs. Guerrero and Mrs. Leanne. You were much braver than we could have ever imagined. You never cried. Not even the first day. I was so happy because you were so happy.

You have had a few rough patches between turning 3 and turning 4. At Christmas you got sick with a cough and we never could get it to go away. It was a terrible cough that kept us all up at night. It turns out you have asthma and allergies. So far you've been in the hospital twice, on a lot of different meds and in the ER and doctor's office more times than we can count. You started getting allergy shots in May and you've even reacted to some of those. You have been through a lot for such a little boy but you have been so brave. We are so proud of you! Hopefully we have found a med combination that will finally help keep you well.

At four years old, you are 40 inches tall and 36 pounds. You love to read Green Eggs and Ham and Little Blue Truck. You like to watch Blue's Clues and Bob the Builder. You like riding your Ford pedal tractor, playing with trains and construction equipment. Your favorite food is peanut butter and nutella sandwiches.

You are a great big brother. Trent loves you and you are fairly patient with him. Your daddy and I enjoy listening to yall play on the monitor. Sometimes he doesn't do what you want him to do and you get a little frustrated.

Sometimes you are a little emotion and throw fits. Especially when you are tired or don't feel well. It's ok though. I get emotional and throw fits when I'm tired and don't feel well too. Just ask your dad. :)

Your friends right now are Emmerson, Noah, Luke and Dane. You also really enjoyed playing with Mr. Brian and Mrs. Katie's kids, Molly, Mason and Jenna. Especially Molly though.

You like playing with other kids but sometimes you get a little bossy and a little too excited.

You like picking out your own clothes and can dress yourself except for your shirts. You still get a little tangled up. Your favorite shoes are you crocodile polliwalks but you think they are hippos. You like your blue, soft shorts and your Brahma football shirt. Also your Bucee shirt.

You love Grandma Josie's seagull picture, Grammy's lawnmower and Poppy's blue tractor.

This year for your birthday you got some cool stuff:
a monster truck set
bubble blower
sidewalk chalk
college money
Case tractor
Spiderman Lego car
a pink doll car
a big boy bike and helmet
money you spent on a Fisher Price Car Wash you really wanted.

You don't like us to sing but you tolerate music much more this year. At the end of your first year of preschool we finally heard you singing a little bit to yourself. It was so sweet. I know you will be happy to go back to school with your music and chapel teacher, Ms. Barb. We didn't sing Happy Birthday to you this year because you just don't like it. To be honest, I hate sitting still while people sing to me too!

We love you so much Case! Happy 4th Birthday. This is going to be a big year for you. We're trying to sell our house and move you to an area with a better elementary school because Kindergarten is just around the corner. This year you are going to go to Preschool 3 days a week. I am going to miss you so much. I love being home with you boys. Yall are so funny together. :)

Mommy, Daddy and Trent love you!

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