Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dear Case,
You are such a funny and observant little boy. You have had us laughing this week!

Earlier this week he said, "Moma, here." and handedme some toilet paper. He has gradually been saying "mom, moma, mmmommommom" more this week. Yesterday I heard a ton and it made me smile every time. We got a new monitor for his room and this one can stay on all the time. I called his name last night and I could hear him answer on the monitor, "Mom." Too funny.

His other favorite sayings this week are "uh oh," "oh no," "Coal," and "like that." Everything he sees in a book or on tv is followed by him finding something in the house and saying, "like that." He's a sharp little cookie. I was reading Noah's Ark to him the other day and we were pointing out of the animals. I showed him a giraffe and he looked up and pointed to 4 other giraffes his room.

We are amazed at what all he understands. I told him "Let's open the door so the cat can get some water." He went in the bathroom, got the water, and then poured it on Coal. Luckily most of it sloshed out before he got to Coal.

Yesterday he started spitting out the back door. I asked Keith if he taught him that. He said he didn't so I was wondering where he picked up this newest thing. We found out later that it was me. Keith and I were standing in the bathroom talking and Case went to the toilet, grabbed both sides, leaned over and started spitting just like he were puking. It's been about a month since I was puking in the toilet with this new baby, but I guess it was memorable to him.

He still loves Wubbzy. I think he'd watch him around the clock if we'd let him. I don't know what is so funny about that yellow creature but he gets Case laughing, dancing and wound up. Sometimes he'll be running aound my bed yelling, "go, go, go" to Wubbzy and his friends. At appropriate times I might add- when they are racing, in a fire truck, etc.

He's a riot. Speaking of, he just woke up. Guess it's time to go!

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