Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's already February?!

I guess it's been a good start to 2010. Not quite what we'd envisioned but it's going well. :)

Case is on day 8 of a nasty cold that he decided to share with me. Even though he got sick first, I seem to be getting well first. With his past history of antibiotic nightmares, we are trying desparately to avoid the doctor. So far he hasn't run any fever but his cough is pretty nasty. We're going to try and hold out and hope he starts perking up in another few days. I read that the common cold last 7-10 days with the cough lingering a few weeks. We'll see. We don't want any unnecessary antibiotics and we dont want to go spend 2 hours at our pediatrician's getting exposed to more junk.

In other news, he keeps us entertained. It's 11:50 PM and he just came running into our room laughing and saying "mom mom mom." Our success at sleeping in his bed came crashing down along with this cold. He's saying new words every day. His favorite phrase is "take bath, take bath." He's also been saying "minnow minnow minnow" but we aren't sure what he means. We haven't been talking about minnows, the fish, at our house. Maybe he means Muno, the guy from Yo Gabba Gabba. He's really enjoying books right now and rearranging the kitchen chairs. He just started bringing us a diaper and laying in the floor waiting for us to change him.

Guess I'll go see if we can get him back to sleep.

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The Palmer's said...

Girl I know what you mean, Carson had bronchitis and then a stomach bug and he did not sleep all night in his bed one night during all of this!! I used to stress about it, but I will not do the whole tough love thing while he is sick!! I hope you an Case feel better soon!