Friday, August 21, 2009

13 Months

I almost don't even recognize this kid. Looks more like a toddler than our baby. No I did not cut off his curls. His hair is just flat today.

Scoping out the neighborhood.

Thinks he's funny because he can climb into the rocking chair.

Having a good time with Dad and Grandpa.

I love that hair!

Tackling his cousin, Branson. They are 6 weeks apart.

In front of something that's actually been in space.

Can you guess what this precious little face is up to?

Under the Hurricane Ike high water line in downtown Galveston

In front of Moody Gardens Aquarium

Laughing at the fish
Not too sure about sitting on fake coral

Pointing to the fish
with Uncle Brian at Tim and Amanda's wedding

Mad at me because he pushed all of the books out, climbed in and then got himself stuck.

Eating a chocolate covered pretzel downtown Galveston.

With Mama at the ocean.

checking out the water with Dad
Not too sure he wants to be an astronaut.

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