Thursday, December 11, 2008

What Case is doing now...

Today Case tried sitting up on his own. It only lasted a couple of seconds.

"Yeah, I do things. So what."

The other day he actually got his belly up off the floor a few times and scooted. I wouldn't really call what he does crawling because the movements and direction are pretty haphazard but he is moving! The other day he went from the middle of the living room to the kitchen tile!

He interacts with toys now. He even reaches for them on his own.

He is also reaching for peoples' drinks and food. He has figured out that cups go to your mouth. Of course right now he thinks everything goes to your mouth. He's eating baby food without any trouble. The other night he ate a jar of carrots AND half a jar of pears. He grabs hair and earrings so watch out. This morning he grabbed a handful of Olivia's hair and yanked it. If you know Olivia, you know that anyone else she would have ripped their hand off but she just turned and looked at him and then casually walked away. Last night he was in his car seat and she went and curled up next to it. Olivia is NOT a people person but I think she likes him. He grabbed big Harley's ear and patted him on the back. Those dogs had better watch out. He'll be after them in no time!

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